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Hoffell Hot Tubs – Hot Springs in Hofn, Iceland


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Hot springs near Hofn

Welcome to Hoffell, this is one of Iceland's cutest sources! 6 pools designed to take advantage of natural hot springs from geothermal energy, surrounded by blue lupins, mountains and glacier. The dream spot to relax after a long drive. 

Unlike wild springs, this source is accessible for 1000ISK/pers. This includes swimming, lending a clean towel, and access to the toilet saveto to change, go to the toilet and shower before and after the bath. Interestingly, the shower is outside! It may be hot, it puts the ideas back in place quickly made the shower out in negative temperatures!

How to get to Hoffell

The source is in the south-east of the island, about 20km from Hofn. Leaving Route 1 to take 984, the site is well signposted.

The place is more and more known and many travelers stop there, to make the most of it you will have to get up early and bathe at the opening!

Hoffell Hot Springs
hoffell hot pots
hoffell hot pots


Hiking on the glacier

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