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Where to see seals in Iceland? My spots of observations

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Seal colonies in Iceland

A lot of seal colonies are established in Iceland making them easy to observe on the land of fire and ice.

During my two roadtrip I spotted 3 places where it is particularly easy to observe them without disturbing them. 

The spots


Hvitserkur is known for its Rhinoceros-shaped rock but it's not all to see here! A seal colony has also taken up residence there. After taking a walk at the foot of the rock to take some pictures, walk along the beach and open your eyes. You can see them taking advantage of the low tide to warm up in the sun. 

beach seals


A great spot to watch seals! There are even toilets (clean and maintained by the owner of the plot). Beware, in May-June the place is closed for nesting birds, but a few kilometers away is the "beach seals" where you can also easily observe them.

Seals in Ytri Tunga

Ytri Tunga

Perhaps my favorite spot of the three, the beach of Ytri Tunga is a must to see the seals. Here the seals are playful and not fierce. They perform in the bay, play at the beach at the feet of visitors who come to observe them. It's really very easy to see them here!

Some pictures

The best time to observe seals

Surprisingly, seals are marine mammals. So they spend most of their time in the water. The best time of day to observe them is during low tide. They take the opportunity to come and bask in the sun on the rocks, play in the shallow waters by the beach etc. So you can take the opportunity to observe them quietly. (PS: we keep our distance)

Can we see seals all year round?

Yes! During the summer, it is the time of birth you will surely have the chance to observe young.

What equipment to observe/photograph them?

Seals are not fierce and can be observed without problems, however, they keep their distance and do not approach within a hundred meters. Have a pair of binoculars and a good optical zoom for your camera.
For my part, I use a Fuji XF 55-200 lens that has done wonders to photograph seals and puffins of Latrabjarg.

Beach Seals

Hiking on the glacier

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