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Top 10 Iceland – The North of the Island


Top 10 things to see in northern Iceland

Iceland is full of treasures but if you don't travel full-time like me, sometimes you have to make choices. Here's my top 10 Northern Iceland to help you organize your visits!


The cliffs of Latrabjarg

One of the best puffin spots in Iceland! It is quite remote but clearly worth a visit. My little tip: head to the top of the cliff in the evening to enjoy the return to the nest of puffins and golden hour! A must for a top 10 Iceland.

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puffins on the cliff of latrabjarg

The pink sands of Rau-isandur

You can't find that black sand on this volcanic island! The pink sand beach of Rau-isandur is an exception. The color of its sand becomes really bright when the clouds disperse and letthes the sun's rays pass through. On site you can observe seals, sheep, a black church and a small village. I also saw that there was a campsite but I didn't test it.


A great spot to observe seals and birds. They come to bask in the sun on the rocks at low tide. Access is via private property, the inhabitants have set up a car park and sanitary facilities for visitors which is very convenient.

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Hvitserkur Rock, the legend of the petrified troll. Rhinoceros or Elephant?

Legend has it that a troll petrified at sunrise. Others debate its shape, so Rhinoceros or Elephant? I'm from Team Rhino! Hvitserkur beach is rather easy to access with a converted car park but no sanitary facilities. A nice walk along the water after admiring the rock will allow you to observe some colonies of seals basking in the sun on the sandbanks in the distance. Check the tide hours to get there because the rock can only approach at low tide! 

The magnificent Godafoss Waterfall

No top 10 Iceland without the majestic and impressive Godafoss.  And it does not steal any of the superlatives attributed to it. The premises are well-appointed with parking and marked paths. Come early to enjoy it before the crowd.

Experience an F-Road with a 4×4 –
The Aldeyjarfoss Cascade

One of the most beautiful waterfalls I have seen in Iceland is only accessible by 4×4. About an hour's drive from Godafoss, we fork out of Route 1 to take the 844 and finally the famous F26.

The F26 is only allowed for 4×4 vehicles. The tar stops to make way for the track. Between rocks, potholes and dirt, no time to get bored! My GoCampers 4×4 climbed that in no time, a real breeze. And the waterfall is well worth it, the columns of basalts carved in stone are really beautiful, the powerful sound of the waterfall water… The setting is idyllic!

♦ Be careful, the place is very windy. Precautions for electronic devices and one does not get too close to the edge.


Walking on the crater ridge of Hverfjall volcano

The ascent of the Hverfjall volcano is not difficult. There is free parking and the trail path is well marked (and free too!). It feels like a market on a sleepy old man. The view of this black sand is pretty spectacular see lunar and the size of the crater too! It is possible to climb it by 3 paths of different difficulties. Then go around the ridge. From above we have a nice view of Lake Myvatn.

Stu-lagil Canyon

♥ This time we're going on a real Icelandic gem! ♥

Studlagil Canyon is a breathtaking place where everything is disproportionate. This place must be part of this top 10 Iceland! The water is an intense blue, the basalt columns of a dizzying height, in short the place is crazy! Like many gems in Iceland, the best places are remote and difficult to access, the canyon is no exception. To reach this nugget, we leave Route 1 to take the 923 which gives way to a dirt track then. I didn't see a sign indicating an F road but the 4×4 wasn't too much to allow us access to the place (my Gocampers 4×4). It takes about 45 minutes of track to reach the parking lot that overlooks the canyon. The GPS point is marked in Google maps but be careful once there is no network. 

Since my visit I have only one desire, to return! I've seen pictures of other visitors who managed to get down inside the canyon is it's just EXTRAORDINARY! I no longer dream of this ♥ Case to follow …

Hiking to the Hengifoss Cascade

It is the layers of red clay that contrast with the volcanic rock that give all its charm to the waterfall of Hengifoss! A rather fast but sporty hike! The climb is steep but the path is well defined. Be careful you pass on private land with gates to close well behind you so as not to let escape the sheep that graze quietly.

On the way, you will come across the very pretty lianessfosswaterfall surrounded by its basalt columns (first photo) and then a few hundred meters up, the famous Hengifoss. The foot of the waterfall is not always accessible depending on the season, example here in May the path was closed so we could not get close (thank you the super 55-200mm ♥ photo lovers will understand).

The road to get there is paved, you cross beautiful green valleys and several campsites are close, we spent the night nearby to get there early in the morning and it was perfect. A car park is set up at the foot of the hill.

The Myvatn Nature Bath

Best for last, if you hesitate between the Myvatn Nature Bath and Blue Lagoon, I did both and I spoil you right away – Myvatn Nature Bath! Quieter, more intimate, less "tourist fair", with a sublime view of Lake Myvatn. not really any hesitation possible between the two!

Admission costs around thirty euros with towel and toiletries available in the showers. I advise you to bring flip flops to walk in the toilets and outside. You can stay as long as you want and go back and forth between the pool, sauna, showers etc a real treat! 

♥ In summer with the sunset, the place is to die for!

And what are your favourite activities in northern Iceland?

My top 10 on the map

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